About Live Oak Financial

Live Oak Financial is a Georgia-based company with office locations in Athens and Albany with each location having over 50 years of a local presence in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients’ business, and their accounts receivable strategies and setting achievable goals that are benchmarked to industry standard metrics. Our belief is this strategy allows us to provide the highest level of professional collection services from a company with a presence in the area it serves.

Our mission is to work with our clients and their customers in a professional manner that is an extension of our client’s core values. We train our collection teams to conduct themselves in a professional way and to be empathetic while working to assist each debtor in attempting to resolve the outstanding balance. We want to find a reasonable payment solution that each debtor can consistently make that over time resolves the outstanding debt.

We currently use the most up-to-date industry standard practices, software, and collection tools available, while providing our team members with ongoing education and training. We believe in letting the data drive decisions and seek an effective mix of collection activities specific to each of our client’s business models.

We welcome continual client feedback to improve our operations and encourage routine site visits to also ensure we are meeting your needs. Our goal is to be a trusted long-term partner.